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Un-remove nsBaseWidget::IsSmalPopup


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In bug 943084 we removed IsSmallPopup but the reason isn't quite clear to me. The bug says that in the context of OMTC, forcing the basic backend for popup widgets doesn't make sense. I am going to assume that it's because back then we didn't support having several compositor backends at the same time, but now we do. Or maybe was it simplify things (everything is either accelerated or not accelerated).

But having lots of gl contexts on the compositor thread (we have one per accelerated widget) means switching between them, which is costly, and switching between different contexts is typically the kind of place where eventual driver bugs get the sneakiest.

So I'll resurrect the IsSmallPopup check and we'll see how it goes.
Actually, after a closer look at the patch in bug 943084, it was used to choose whether to use OMTC for that widget and not only to choose the compsoitor backend. So what I am doing here is not entirely contradicting what happened in that bug which is reassuring.
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Use the basic compositor for popup widgets

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r=me with that fixed

::: widget/nsBaseWidget.cpp
@@ +922,5 @@
>  }
> +bool nsBaseWidget::IsSmallPopup() const
> +{
> +  return mWindowType != eWindowType_popup && mPopupType != ePopupTypePanel;

I think this should be "mWindowType == eWindowType_popup ..."
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(In reply to David Anderson [:dvander] from comment #3)
> I think this should be "mWindowType == eWindowType_popup ..."

Yeah, silly me. Fixed in the patch that landed.
backed out for crashes like
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I made another silly mistake on the patch I tried to land. I pushed a fixed version to try, let's see.
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New try push with fixed patch

I also made it linux-only because it does not buy us anything on mac since we still use a gl context per (basic) widget to get stuff to the screen.
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Disable hardware acceleration for small popup widgets. r=dvander
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