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build/autoconf/nss.m4: support pkg-config



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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Patch switching from nss-config to pkg-config.

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Steps to reproduce:

nss does not install the nss-config script any longer. Instead if supplies a pkg-config .pc file.
build/autoconf/nss.m4 does not know about this and still tries to use nss-config.


2 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Where do nss.pc and nss-config come from? I don't see either of them in the nss repo or tarballs. Are they normally added on by the distro or something? If so, do we need to support both nss-config and pkg-config?
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2 years ago
Sorry, my original bug report was incorrect, since I was only looking at pkgsrc. That provides a pkgconfig file, but no nss-config script.
It seems that some distributions provide a nss-config script, because I can't explain why the code using it would be there otherwise.
So it would probably be best to support both (and/or make nss install one of them by default).
What do you think?
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It seems to me we'd either need to support both, or you'd have to work with wherever nss is being packaged to add the nss-config script there. I'll defer to ted or glandium though - they should have more insight here.
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We have --with-system-foo=prefix things for iirc libpng and/or libjpeg. We should probably have something like that for nss. That could fallback to pkg-config in cases we know pkg-config scripts exist. Either way, we shouldn't touch nss.m4 at this point. See bug 1251497 and bug 1269513
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Patch switching from nss-config to pkg-config.

r- since it seems this is all changing soon, though presumably we'll need to support pkg-config in the new system. Can you work with chmanchester and glandium to find out how this should be addressed nowadays? You can find them in #build or needinfo them.
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2 years ago
I did a minimal effort try at converting from old-configure to moz.configure, but nss in old-configure sets NSS_LIBS and NSS_CFLAGS and I wasn't sure how to do that properly in moz.configure, and without the settings the build failed.

Since upstream nss provides neither pkg-config nor nss-config, this is not a proper solution anyway.
I'll try to get upstream to provide either or both of them and then we can revisit this topic.

Thanks for the feedback!
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21 days ago
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