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Store English .xliff file in the main firefox-ios repository and automatically update it after each commit


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The goal is to be able to identify l10n issues during the development cycle, since checking for problems right before extracting strings is not a valid approach.

What happens right now:
* I periodically update the code repository, and extract English string in a .xliff file with xcodebuild -exportLocalizations -exportLanguage en -localizationPath /path/to/folder/
* I then compare it with a current development version of Italian stored in a separate repository and check for differences.
* If there is an issue I need to go through the history on GitHub to identify the bug that introduced it.

That would be on Delphine from now on, and it would be much simpler to only have to analyze the history of such file on GitHub.

What I'd like to have:
* Developer creates the build as part of his work. The build at the end automatically generates the .xliff file, for example as ~/english.xliff
* Developer only needs to make sure to add this file to the commit. If the PR doesn't change any string, the diff will be empty and the file automatically ignored.

What we gain from this: we have the .xliff in the repository, we have a meaningful history, and devs can also double check if their work make any funny change to the strings.
Oh wow this is old :) Is this something that we can be looking forward to in the future? Would be very helpful indeed. Thanks!
I forgot all about this meta bug I filed to improve localization last year. This would definitely be great and step forward in automating our localization process. I'm going tag this bug in our Trello roadmap so we can schedule this after 7.0.
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