Clean up the metadata for the Taskcluster-based jobs



2 years ago
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2 years ago
While adding a couple new Taskcluster jobs today, I found myself having to spend a lot of time reasoning through metadata that was unclear in meaning due to how inconsistently it was being used (i.e. different groupNames for jobs that get grouped together, inconsistent symbol usage, and more).

After discussion on IRC, there are some easy cleanups that can be done now in the short-term. There are some longer-term changes that would be nice to eventually make as well (like dropping "tc-" from the group names), but those can wait for another day.
I think the tc- prefixes are (temporarily) desired.  I'd be happy to see them go.

The new test generation stuff will fix the differing-groupName issue.

But there's lots of other cleanup to do, and it will be easier when bug 1281004 has landed.
Depends on: 1281004

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2 years ago
Bug 1281004 took care of most of the issues we care about for the time-being. I'm not convinced this bug really needs to stay open in light of that, and I'm at least not going to be working on it.
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Based on the previous comment and no more activity since then, it sounds like this has been mostly been resolved.  We can open up additional bugs for specific issues.
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