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Detect and reject machines without SSE2


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Firefox 49
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firefox49 blocking fixed


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Firefox will be dropping support for running without SSE.

The installer should detect when the machine doesn't have SSE available and refuse to install.

bsmedberg: I /think/ this is the requirement you alluded to in email. Please chime in if I'm wrong.
Clarification: we plan on requiring SSE2.
Assignee: nobody → robert.strong.bugs
Summary: Detect and reject machines without SSE → Detect and reject machines without SSE2
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Screenshot of error message

So, the current string is
Sorry, $BrandShortName can't be installed. This version of $BrandShortName requires ${MinSupportedVer} or newer.

Where ${MinSupportedVer} is either 
"Microsoft Windows XP SP2"
for x86 based systems or
"Microsoft Windows 7 x64"
for x64 based systems.

Note: ${MinSupportedVer} is defined in a non localized file which allows us to change it for all locales without updating the string in all locales.

Since the installer changes are needed for Firefox 49 we can go with a new string but I'd like to have the SSE part defined as we do for ${MinSupportedVer}.
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Matt, I'll submit a followup patch for the string changes and combine the patches into one before landing.
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Tracking for 49 as it is critical.
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Note: I got approval of the strings, etc. from shorlander
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Patch that applies on top of patch rev1. I'll attach a patch of the 2 combined as well.

I am going with the latest release system requirements page for now and when a link that redirects to the latest system requirements page for other channels is created I'll change the urls in a new bug.
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It might be easier to just review the combined patch.

Note: I'll remove the system requirements check in InstallOnInitCommon in another bug since it will require updating all apps that use InstallOnInitCommon.
Component: NSIS Installer → Installer
Product: Toolkit → Firefox
Note: bug 1276106 will add urls for beta and aurora but doesn't block this from landing. I'll file a new bug for changing the urls and bug 1276106 will block that bug.
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combined patch

Landed the combined patch
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SeaMonkey bug 1276324
Thunderbird bug 1276320
Instantbird bug 1276325
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