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Add telemetry about the usage of blink filesystem API, webkitdirectory API and directory upload API


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Once we start to ship these APIs, better to know which ones are being used.
What bugs should this depend upon?
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So this is just one part, only for .WebkitEntries
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The rest is for DnD, right? But that part is not implemented yet.
The patch is for DnD. WebKitEntries is part of the DnD API.
webkitdirectory is not. or something like that.
Right. With DnD I meant DataTransfer Event but that part is not implemented. I'll file a follow up to add telemetry there too.

I didn't want to add telemetry for webkitdirectory attribute. In case we want, we should not have the same telemetry ID.
Are you OK to land and resolve this bug with only this patch?

If we care about webkitdirectory attribute, I can file a follow up.
Why wouldn't we have telemetry for webkitdirectory but would have for .WebkitEntries?
I would add separate probe for them both.
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Here telemetry for webkitdirectory attribute
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Add Telemetry to the Blink/Webkit FileSystem API - part 1, r=smaug
Add Telemetry to the Blink/Webkit FileSystem API - part 2, r=smaug
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