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Quick search engine bar cut off when additional system status bar is active




Firefox for iOS
2 years ago
2 years ago


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2 years ago
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Platform : iPhone SE (9.3.1)
Firefox Version : 4.0 (11)

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Make iPhone act as a Personal Hotspot and connect a device to that network.
2. Open Firefox and type anything in the search bar.

The Quick Search Engine bar is seen cut off.

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8752328 [details]

Personal Hotspot connection banner was not visible in the previous attachment.
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Also visible with an in-call status bar, tested in simulator.

Thanks for the report. Wonder what we can do?
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Summary: Quick Search Engine bar seen cut off when acting as a Personal Hotspot → Quick search engine bar cut off when additional system status bar is active
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2 years ago
See Also: → bug 1273155
Steph mentioned wanting to look into this.
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Doesn't seem to be related to the notification status bar work I've been doing since this was found on 4.0. We don't account for the extended status bar height when calculating the offset we need to show the search engine bar while the keyboard is up. I'll file a patch with it. 

However, this exposes a larger issue across our app. We have a lot of view controllers that implement the KeyboardHelper/Delegate combination to determine offsets from the keyboard appearing. We use a lot of table views in the app when showing the keyboard and by using UITableViewController instead of UIViewController subclasses we actually get this calculation for free. The table view will automatically shrink/expand to compensate for the keyboard height which would eliminate the need to match animations and move things around. I would expand on this bug to move towards using UITableViewController but since this implements SiteTableViewController that becomes a much larger task. In the future, we should try to use UITableViewController when we can to get this free functionality and in cases that we can't, try to mimic the behavior of shrinking/expanding the content view instead of shifting elements around.
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