Seamonkey integration in Gnome3



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Steps to reproduce:

I install Seamonkey on Debian Jessie following the instruction here and I really get a incomplete integration in Gnome3

Actual results:

I couldn't define Seamonkey as default browser
I couldn't define Seamonkey as mail client
I could send a file using the contextual menu in the gnome3 file manager

Expected results:

I should have receiver instruction on how to get Seamonkey recognize as a browser and a mail client by Gnome3.

To do so, this is what I did :

1. Create a .desktop file (name it seamonkey.desktop, even if it doesn't matter)
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/opt/seamonkey/seamonkey %U
Comment[fr_FR]=Suite Internet Seamonkey
Comment=Suite Internet Seamonkey

2. Change the path of EXEC and ICON to match your installation

3. Run as root "update-desktop-database -v" to see where to put your .desktop file, look for something like "Search path is now: [/usr/local/share/applications, /usr/share/applications]". Root access required

4. Put the .desktop file in one of these path. Run "update-desktop-database" as root. 

5. You can now go in your "Gnome settings", in "Details", "Default applications" and select "Seamonkey" in "Web site" and "Email client"

Comment 1

3 years ago
English is not my native language but it should be understandable.
It seems we are talking about above mentioned page.
I don't know whether this one still needs to be fixed, I have no Linux skills.
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Version: Production → unspecified
IanN could you tall a look if still valid. Patch fell thru the roof because no flags set.
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Last year
Product: Websites → SeaMonkey

Comment 4

8 months ago
I had to re-install my systems and I had to come back to this bug report to configure my system correctly with the last version of Seamonkey.
That is more than two years i create the issue AND provide the patch.
Can I do something to accelerate the merge in the documentation ?
tonymec could you probably take a look here. I am really not a Linux guy.

Samuel, sorry for the more than too long delay. A lot of devs left the building looking for Elvis.
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The trunk version of SeaMonkey is known to suffer from many problems; it is not fit for day-in day-out browsing.

Personally I use Bill Gianopoulos's SeaMonkey 2.53 for linux-x86_64 (from which IIUC is the highest version supporting classical extensions out of the box. I'm going to install his latest build (dated 2019-01-20) but the one I'm using ATM (dated 2018-10-28) gives me no problems AFAICT and I don't expect anything worse from the new one. Its about:buildconfig mentions GTK3; however I use KDE5 as display manager & window manager so I'm not really up to Gnome3 integration.

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