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Get rid of imgLoader::GetInstance


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imgLoader::GetInstance creates a separate imgLoader instance that is used only by two pieces of code. Either these bits of code should be using imgLoader::Singleton like everyone else, or we should document why they need to be using a separate imgLoader instance.

imgLoader::GetInstance was added in bug 801061. It sounds like there might have been some out of band discussion as to why it was introduced, but since that discussion didn't happen in the bug and nobody's bothered to document the method, who knows what the rational was.
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> imgLoader::GetInstance was added in bug 801061.

Along with the GetInstance call in nsContextMenuInfo.cpp.

FWIW the call in came from (bug 852648). Again, no explanation as to why we're not using imgLoader::Singleton.
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Actually OSXNotificationCenter::ShowAlertWithIconData is implementing the method of the same name on interface nsIAlertsIconData, so those icons could be coming from a website. While we're here we should fix this code to use a/the imgLoader that has had RespectPrivacyNotifications() called on it.
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