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For bug 1272236 we would need some new docker images. Those would primarily be based on Ubuntu. I think about Ubuntu 16.04 and maybe 14.04.

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I talked with Dustin on IRC and we came to the conclusion that it will be better to build own docker images for firefox-ui-tests for the various Ubuntu versions we need. Those will be uploaded to docker hub, and the configs can be sticked into the tree. That means we can later easily reference those when the tests are getting triggered from in-tree graphs. I will file a new bug for that in a moment.
The functional tests which we already run via taskcluster in-tree, are based off the desktop-test docker container:

So for the new docker images we would need a similar set of tools installed and configuration done. A look at this docker image shows that there is a chain of:
ubuntu:12.04 (public from docker registry)

I would like to get started with the latest 16.04 LTS release of Ubuntu for our docker image.
I was working with Peter yesterday to find an alternative way which would allow us to avoid creating our own docker images. With a bit of querying via the TC API we were finally successful. The way is:

1. Query the TC index for the task which built the Firefox (opt) nightly build on mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora. 
2. Use the task id to query for the task definition via the TC queue
3. Extract the docker image details from the payload of the task definition

So the work on this bug is no longer needed, which I'm happy about.
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