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replace uses of Cu.import


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Firefox 50
50.4 - Aug 1
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The uses of Cu.import in the inspector and its dependencies will have to
be replaced (probably with "require") as part of the de-chrome-ification project.
Probably this should be broken down by import target.
There are a lot of imports, even excluding tests and the server:

pokyo. git grep Cu.import -- devtools/|grep -v /server |grep -v /test |wc -l

On irc :jryans pointed out that event-emitter.js imports are readily done:
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Bug 1276341 - remove some misleading import comments;

Wrong bug.
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Let's not forget lazyImporter as well.
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Iteration: 50.3 - Jul 18 → 50.4 - Aug 1
It turns out that there are only a few imports that are directly addressable.
The others have to be part of some other bug; for example actor-registry.js is
using Cu.import, but I think that one (IIUC, which I'm not sure I do) probably
has to be address with some other transport changes.

I'll upload a patch for the few I found.
Review commit:
See other reviews:
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Bug 1276341 - remove some misleading import comments;

Review request updated; see interdiff:
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Bug 1276341 - don't use Cu.import for event-emitter.js;

Looks good!  I was thinking there would be more to do here, but I guess the others are in test files or they are imports of JSMs which probably need a focus of their own, since they either don't work in content or at least contain more imports.
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remove some misleading import comments; r=jryans
don't use Cu.import for event-emitter.js; r=jryans
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