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Adjust |doomOnFailure| argument when calling CloseCacheEntry properly


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The argument only has effect when we are past processing the response, the channel has been canceled, the entry is new, and the response is non-resumable.  

When set to false it apparently tries to keep entries that are non-resumable in the cache even they could potentially be partial because of premature cancellation of the loading channel.  Those are definitely 304 and redirects.

nsHttpChannel::ContinueHandleAsyncRedirect (false)
 - we can potentially end up with a non-resumable entry here, should be true

nsHttpChannel::HandleAsyncNotModified (true)
 - can be called either after response or before and we should IMO preserve the entry in the cache in what ever state it is
 - here we usually reuse an existing entry (not new) so one of the conditions to doom on true is not met anyway
 - turn to false

nsHttpChannel::OnCacheEntryAvailable (true)
 - we are definitely not past InitCacheEntry()
 - hence it has no effect and should be IMO turned to false since it just cases confusion

nsHttpChannel::ContinueBeginConnect (true)
 - called when ContinueBeginConnectWithResult returns a failure
 - the channel is definitely not past InitCacheEntry(), 
 - hence same case as OnCacheEntryAvailable -> turn to false

nsHttpChannel::OnPreflightFailed (true)
 - same case, actually this is called when ContinueConnect() is interrupted with nsCORSListenerProxy::StartCORSPreflight call
 - turn to false
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(applies over bug 1271987)
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Adjust |doomOnFailure| argument when calling CloseCacheEntry properly, r=michal
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