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Need tab browser idl interface


(SeaMonkey :: Tabbed Browser, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: jag+mozilla, Unassigned)



This is needed to control the tabbrowser from c++. One place is linux's x-remote
code, to add (and maybe close?) tabs, another would be nsGlobalWindow::Close(),
so we can close a tab instead of the whole window when script calls window.close();
Jag, did you want to use this bug to track your new interface that Skyline will use?
QA Contact: sairuh → pmac
If there is a need for this, I have a code snipplet (developed for a customer)
that is not pretty but might be of use - it basically calls from
GlobalWindowImpl into navigator.js. I needed to allow websites to open a new tab.
Depends on: Beonex
No longer depends on: Beonex
So, how much of (tab)browser do we want to expose? e.g.
interface nsIDOMXULBrowserElement {
readonly attribute boolean canGoBack;
readonly attribute boolean canGoForward;
void goBack();
void goForward();
void reload();
void reloadWithFlags(in unsigned long aReloadFlags);
void stop();
void loadURI(in wstring aURI, in nsIURI aReferrerURI, in aCharset);
void loadURIWithFlags(in wstring aURI, in unsigned long aFlags, in nsIURI
aReferrerURI, in wstring aCharset);
void gotoIndex(int long index);
readonly attribute nsIURI currentURI;
readonly attribute nsIDocShell docShell;
readonly attribute nsIWebNavigation webNavigation;
readonly attribute nsIWebBrowserFind webBrowserFind;
readonly attribute nsIWebProgress webProgress;
readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow contentWindow;
readonly attribute nsISHistory sessionHistory;
readonly attribute nsIMarkupDocumentViewer markupDocumentViewer;
readonly attribute nsIContentViewerEdit contentViewerEdit;
readonly attribute nsIContentViewerFile contentViewerFile;
readonly attribute nsIDocumentCharsetInfo documentCharsetInfo;
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument contentDocument;
readonly attribute DOMString contentTitle;
void addProgressListener(in nsIWebProgressListener aListener);
void removeProgressListener(in nsIWebProgressListener aListener);
attribute nsISecureBrowserUI securityUI;
interface nsIDOMXULTabbrowserElement extends nsIDOMXULBrowserElement {
void setStripVisibilityTo(in boolean aVisibility);
boolean getStripVisibility();
nsIDOMXULElement addTab(in wstring aURI, in nsIURI aReferrerURI, in wstring
void removeAllTabsBut(in nsIDOMXULElement aTab);
void removeCurrentTab();
void removeTab(in nsIDOMXULElement aTab);
void reloadAllTabs();
void reloadTab(in nsIDOMXULElement aTab);
nsIDOMXULBrowserElement getBrowserForTab(in nsIDOMXULElement aTab);
attribute nsIDOMXULElement selectedTab;
readonly attribute nsIDOMXULBrowserElement selectedBrowser;
(This based on xpfe (tab)browser.xml)
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
Assignee: jag → nobody
QA Contact: pmac → tabbed-browser
Duplicate of this bug: 314693
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