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MOZ_CRASH: Could not start cubeb stream for MSG.


(Core :: WebRTC: Audio/Video, defect, P1)




Tracking Status
firefox49 --- affected
firefox53 --- fixed


(Reporter: rillian, Assigned: rillian)




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Crash reporter shows a few failures of AudioCallbackDriver::StartStream(). This is only called from the fallible AsyncCubebTask::Run(), so plumbing through a error return seems reasonable.
Avoid crashing in the case that cubeb stream start fails and report
an error instead.

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Bug 1277037 - Make AudioCallbackDriver::StartStream fallible.

Ok, though I wish I knew which HW/drivers were crashing (can you add a search link to the bug for the reports?, though I doubt they tell us much)
Sorry, a crash report example is found from the general MOZ_CRASH search from the dev-platform thread. i.e.

As you might expect the stack trace isn't enlightening. I don't see a way to get audio driver info in the crash reports; it has been off-and-on since firefox 36 at least, and off again since 47.

Try push wasn't green. Investigating whether the timeouts are caused by this patch somehow.
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Bug 1277037 - Make AudioCallbackDriver::StartStream fallible.

::: dom/media/GraphDriver.cpp:648
(Diff revision 3)
>    if (latencyPref) {
>      latency_frames = latencyPref.value();
>    } else {
>      if (cubeb_get_min_latency(cubebContext, output, &latency_frames) != CUBEB_OK) {
>        NS_WARNING("Could not get minimal latency from cubeb.");
> -      return;
> +      return false;

Oops, looks like I forgot to land this. I still see crashes with FF 50 and 52, so rebased on top of subsequent changes and added another failure return here.
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Make AudioCallbackDriver::StartStream fallible. r=jesup
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla53
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