Trying to change product of a security bug that you're needinfoing someone on is weird

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2 years ago
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(Reporter: bz, Assigned: dylan)





1)  Have a security bug in an incorrect product (call it P1).
2)  Decide you want to move the bug to product P2 and needinfo
    person X at the same time.
3)  Click the Edit button, change product to P2, pick a component from P2.
4)  Put X's email in the needinfo field.
5)  Submit.
6)  Get a nice message about how X is not allowed to see the security bug
    so you should hit "back" and add them to the CC list.
7)  Hit the back button.

At this point, the selected product is P2, but the component list lists the components for P1, and no component is selected.  To get into a sane state after adding X to the CC list, you have to change product to something other than P2, then back to P2, then re-select the right component from the P2 list.


2 years ago
Assignee: nobody → dylan
Or better yet, the interstitial message could be

  X does not have appropriate permissions to see this bug

  [Add them to the CC list and submit changes]
  [Drop the needinfo and submit changes]
  [go back to editing bug]

I always want the first option -- let's make that easy please! Can't really think of a case where finding out someone didn't have permission would cause me to ask someone else instead or decided I didn't need to know what I needed to know. Maybe I've CC'd the wrong version of someone?

I'm not sure the middle option is necessary. The first and last are important.
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