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Fix requests-menu-stack-trace direction in RTL locales


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start Nightly in RTL locales
2. Open DevTools > Netmonitor
3. Go to any sites (e.g.
4. Open requests-menu-stack-trace popup (mouse over on [JS] icon)

Actual results:

File name is not displayed fully, because ellipsis position is in file name side.

Expected results:

Change ellipsis position.

or... in case of the Browser console in RTL locale, direction is not RTL. If apply same specification to requests-menu-stack-trace, its direction should be LTR. Please refer to attached image.
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Thanks for the report!

Jarda, this is related to the new feature you've
been working on. Can you please take a look?

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I'll be migrating the tooltip from XUL to HTML very soon (and maybe also to the frame.js React component), so I'll take care of this in the process.
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The issue was partially fixed when we converted the stacktrace tooltip from XUL to HTML in bug 1277264.

Now I'm adding the final step: add a "direction: ltr" rule to the stacktrace container element (.stack-trace-tooltip). I.e., the same thing that is set on the console output at [1].

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Fix requests-menu-stack-trace direction in RTL locales. r=bgrins
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