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Opening a link from Facebook Messenger chat head crashes Firefox (Android N)


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Steps to reproduce:

1. (Possibly needed, uncertain) Be running Android N NPD35K
2. Have chat heads enabled in Facebook Messenger 
3. Have a friend send you a link via Facebook Messenger 
4. (Possibly needed, uncertain) Have Firefox be the app "under" the chat head when the chat head is expanded 
5. Tap on the received link

Actual results:

Animations play as if the page is about to open. Firefox then suddenly disappears and another app in the Android "app stack" replaces it. Reopening Firefox shows that all tabs are closed as if a crash occured. No crash dialog appears. Nothing is logged in about:crashes. 

This issue does not seem to happen if a link is tapped in Facebook Messenger launched "as a full app" rather than as a chat head.

Expected results:

The page should have loaded normally.
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Kevin, does this repro for you? (I don't have access to an N device...)
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I don't use Messenger. Maybe Sebastian?
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I can reproduce this.

> 4. (Possibly needed, uncertain) Have Firefox be the app "under" the chat head when the chat head is expanded 

Yeah, this seems to be required. It happens when opening a link while the app is still technically in the foreground.
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Bug 1280112 - LauncherActivity: Remove task flags from incoming intent.
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LauncherActivity: Remove task flags from incoming intent. r=ahunt
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This seems to have fixed more issues (bug 1204424) - We should consider uplifting this.
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