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Google Poppins font not rendering properly in firefox while its installed in pc




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Steps to reproduce:

Google Poppins fonts installed.

Actual results:

Google Poppins font display much bolder in firefox. 
When its uninstalled from pc. It works properly.

Expected results:

It should be proper as per other browsers.

Comment 1

a year ago
It happens with Poppins Regular/Normal fonts.
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I see the same problem on Mac OS X. It appears the use of src:local('Poppins') is finding the bold face instead of the expected Regular one.

This doesn't happen if the locally-installed Poppins fonts are used directly via font-family; it's only when @font-face rules with src:local() come into play. Not sure yet why it's finding the wrong face in this instance...
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Ah, got it. It's an error in the Poppins-Bold.ttf font.... it has a PostScript name (ID 6 in the 'name' table) of "Poppins", which is the same as the Full name (ID 4) in the Poppins-Regular.ttf font. And local name lookup checks for both psname and fullname (as per spec[1]), which means either of these faces is a match for src:local("Poppins"), as found in the Google Fonts CSS.

The fix is for the Bold font to be given the proper PSname "Poppins-Bold" in its 'name' table, so that it doesn't conflict with the regular face.

Given the ambiguity created by the bad font name, the problem may or may not show up in any given browser. This will depend whether it checks both fullname and psname (as CSS-Fonts says) or only one of them, and depending on the particular order it happens to search the available fonts.

So this issue should be reported to the Poppins font developers; it's not a Firefox bug.

[1] https://www.w3.org/TR/css-fonts-3/#src-desc
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