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Captive portal not detected at Firefox startup


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Firefox 51
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This was working when I was writing/testing the patch for bug 989193, but something seems to have broken before that landed.
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This also changes the patch to use document-shown instead of xul-window-visible, which doesn't seem to work (anymore?) for detecting when the window gains focus. I'll investigate this further later, but meanwhile I wanted to upload this simple patch (having it work at startup makes it much easier to test some stuff).

Before requesting review however, I wanted to ask: Valentin, shouldn't nsIOService be doing a recheck at startup already? Doesn't seem to be working, could you take a look? If you can fix it from there this patch won't be necessary (though we should probably do the s/xul-window-visible/document-shown/g change in a separate bug).
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Detection would actually be triggered by the first network activity, so it's a bit racy.
You're correct in saying the we should probably do this more reliably, but I think your patch will do for now.
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Okay, we don't need to switch to document-shown. That confuses things further since each tab has its own document, etc.

A better fix (which this patch does) is to check that Services.ww.activeWindow is the same as whatever getMostRecentBrowserWindow returned. This works right after xul-window-visible, even if the window's document hasn't gotten focus yet.

Matt, what do you think?
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Sorry for the delay, but after coming back from PTO I'm dealing with another bug with high priority. I'll hopefully get to your reviews tomorrow.
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Recheck for captive portal after watcher is initialized. r=MattN
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