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Firefox is misinterpreting system proxy exception rules that contain dashes


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Steps to reproduce:

Firefox 47.01 configured to use system proxy settings. System proxy configured to use enterprise's corporate proxy with several proxy exception rules. Navigated to a URL containing a dash. 


Proxy exception list contains *

There is a proxy 

Actual results:

Received a timeout error

* after removing the proxy exception rule * the page loaded as expected. When the rule was re-added the timeout error continued.

** Without altering the proxy exception list the site loads as expected in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Expected results:

Page should load
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Product: Firefox → Core
I have no idea what proxy software are you using.  The "Proxy exception list" is something implemented in Firefox or on your proxy?

Also, doesn't match * would.
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@Honza Bambas - I am using Windows 7. The proxy exception list is configured in my browser settings. 

Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Advanced.

Proxy exceptions are specified in the text area below "Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with:"

I agree should not match * In Internet Explorer and Chrome it does not match that proxy exception rule. In Firefox does seem to match *

Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome are all using the same proxy exception rules, but Firefox seems to be interpreting them differently. At least for proxy exception rules containing dashes.
^^^ comment 2.
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Nightly 50 (20160717030211).  Windows 10 (I no longer posses Win7)

I followed steps from comment 2.  I have a squid proxy that denies access to anything (just as a test the load goes through that proxy).  Under Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings I've set this proxy to be used, under Advanced as being used for all protocols.  In Firefox settings, I switched to Use System Proxy settings.

- I tried to visit a web site ""
- for exception "*" -> load goes via proxy (expected)
- for exception "*" -> load goes directly (expected)

So, for me this WFM on Nightly on Windows 10.
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Sorry I didn't notice this bug, which was fixed in bug 1258977
Duplicate of bug: 1258977
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