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AutoCompleteE10S.jsm leaks windows


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I got a leaked browser.xul in my nightly 50.0a1 (2016-06-29) today:

│   ├───4.87 MB (02.38%) -- top(none)/detached
│   │   ├──4.87 MB (02.38%) -- window(chrome://browser/content/browser.xul)
│   │   │  ├──2.62 MB (01.28%) ++ js-compartment([System Principal], about:blank)
│   │   │  └──2.26 MB (01.10%) ++ (3 tiny)
│   │   └──0.00 MB (00.00%) ── window([system])/dom/other

Looking at the CC logs its being leaked through AutoCompleteE10S.jsm:

Parsing cc-edges.8716.1467228425.log. Done loading graph.

0000023C93066060 [JS Object (Window)]
    --[UnwrapDOMObject(obj)]--> 0000023C9B310000 [nsGlobalWindow # 145 inner chrome://browser/conten

    Root 0000023C93066060 is a marked GC object.

bkelly@kosh /c/devel/tmp/cclogs/20160629-browser-xul
$ /c/devel/heapgraph/ gc-edges.8716.1467228425.log -bro 0000023C93066060
Parsing gc-edges.8716.1467228425.log. Done loading graph.

via persistent-Object :
0000023C87EB6CE0 [BackstagePass 23c894db280]
    --[AutoCompleteE10S]--> 0000023C930AB080 [Object <no private>]
    --[_popupCache]--> 0000023C97B8BD80 [Object <no private>]
    --[browserWindow]--> 0000023C9817B3A0 [Proxy <no private>]
    --[private]--> 0000023C9307D040 [Proxy <no private>]
    --[private]--> 0000023C93066060 [Window <no private>]

Unfortunately I don't know what I did to trigger this.

Blake, you touched this file last.  What do you think?
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I guess I'm not 100% sure if this is a regression or not.
This could also be related to the cycle collector strangeness in bug 1283264.
See Also: → 1283264
Looking at the code, nothing seems to clear this._popupCache. Maybe there's also a similar problem with this.browser.
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See Also: → 1286008
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I have steps to reproduce this:

1) Open a new nightly browser instance
2) Open a in a tab (to hold the child process alive)
3) Open about:memory in a tab
4) Open a new second window
5) Open a site with an address form (like wizard) in second window
6) Type some stuff into the address fields
7) Close the second window
8) Minimize and measure memory in about:memory tab
9) Observe that the second window has leaked
I hit this enough that I'm going to try to fix it.
Assignee: nobody → bkelly
I think this is a 95% solution.  It cleans up the cache when:

1) a user tabs out of an autocompleting form field \
2) a user closes the tab while focused on a form field if there are other tabs open in the window

It does not, however, fix the problem if the user closes the entire window while focused on a form field.  I've had a lot of trouble trying to get the message manager to send its message in that case.
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Try build (although treeherder is broken at the moment):
The 100% solution.  Just listen for the browser unload event and clear the cache.
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P1 Make AutomCompleteE10S clear its popup cache when the associated browser window is closed. r=mrbkap

This patch simply clears the _popupCache when the associated browser is unloaded.

I tried to write a test for this but I can't seem to trigger the AutoCompleteE10S code in a new window in a browser chrome test.  Any suggestions on how to do this are welcome.  I may just land this without a new test, though.
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Make AutoCompleteE10S clear its popup cache when the associated browser window is closed. r=mrbkap
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