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Implement cookie prefixes spec


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Implement restrictive behavior/requirements for cookies that start with the prefixes __Secure- and __Host- as specified in

Cookies with a name starting with __Secure- must be set with the secure flag and from a secure page. Cookies with a name starting with __Host- must meet the above requirements and in addition must NOT have a domain specified and the path must be "/".

This is already implemented in Chrome 49 and Opera 36
Attached patch Implement cookie prefix spec (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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The __Secure- version is less interesting than the more general proposal to extend those protections to all secure cookies in A site that adopts HSTS with includesubdomains from its base domain also effectively gets this protection. But that spec has a long way to go before adoption (web compat worries) and switching an entire domain to HSTS can be non-trivial so this does have a use.

The more interesting __Host- version protects against cookie fixation attacks (should a sibling domain be compromised) that sites don't really have an alternative for at the moment.
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Implement cookie prefix spec

Review of attachment 8766669 [details] [diff] [review]:

The patch looks good, and the tests seem to cover all the cases in the draft. Thanks!

::: netwerk/test/TestCookie.cpp
@@ +605,5 @@
> +      SetACookie(cookieService, "https://prefixed.test/", nullptr, "__Secure-test=test", nullptr);
> +      SetACookie(cookieService, "https://prefixed.test/", nullptr, "__Host-test=test", nullptr);
> +      GetACookie(cookieService, "https://prefixed.test/", nullptr, getter_Copies(cookie));
> +      rv[1] = CheckResult(cookie.get(), MUST_BE_NULL);
> +      

Trailing whitespace.
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Implement cookie prefix spec

thanks valentin - I'd also like amy to review as she's been looking at cookie implementation issues.

and thanks dan!
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Hi Patrick,
I have traced code from Daniel, and my comment is same as Valentin.
But I need more time to study spec and test, would I review the path first?
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Implement cookie prefix spec

Review of attachment 8766669 [details] [diff] [review]:

I tried some cookies as below:
1. document.cookie = '__Secure-SID=12345; Secure;'
2. document.cookie = '__Secure-SID2=12345;'
3. document.cookie = '__Host-SID3=12345; Secure; Path=/'
4. document.cookie = '__Host-SID4=12345; Secure;; Path=/' 
And I got the right results that following spec on Nightly after applied path.

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Hi Patrick,
I have finished to review the patch after studied spec and tested code.
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Fixed whitespace issue, carrying over r+
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Implement cookie prefixes spec, r=valentin r=amchung
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