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[10.12]: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed


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After building FF or TB on 10.12 Public Beta, using the 10.12 SDK, I can not sign the application using the codesign command. Instead I get "resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed". "ls -al@" shows me, that seems to be attached to all build products.
How urgently do we need to be able to codesign on 10.12?
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We need to ensure that apps that are currently codesigned by RelEng run on 10.12. I believe this is sufficiently confirmed by the fact that people are using/testing Firefox on 10.12.

I don't believe there is a particular rush for us to be able to codesign on 10.12, and the way we currently codesign might still be supported on 10.12. There might be RelEng dependencies that I'm not aware of. RelEng would be better positioned to answer this.

I also don't know at what point we'd transition to the 10.12 SDK. Will everyone default to the 10.12 SDK when we transition to macOS 10.12, or will we point the mozconfig to an older SDK?
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I can give some update on this bug. I've found some other reports about this error message. They claim this is due to Xcode 8. So I've uninstalled Xcode 8 and reinstalled the latest stable release of Xcode 7. And I've build with 10.11 SDK instead of 10.12. But I'm still getting this error. So, it has to do with macOS 10.12, not with the SDK and not with the version of Xcode.
I also found out, I can sign the application and its parts, if it is inside the objdir. But after I've packed everything into to DMG, I'm not able anymore to sign the application and I'm getting the error.
I need to sign the application, because if it is not signed I'm seeing a massive reduction in startup-speed.
I've found a workaround for this. cd into *.app and do
$ xattr -rc .
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