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HTMLIFrameElement lists a lot of Firefox OS specific methods


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Like for other pages (like Window or Document if I remember well), these should be taken out in a specific page and moved to the B2G_OS/ hierarchy
I have thought of an issue with this - the engineers complained when we moved the main browser API page to under B2G_OS, because some of that stuff is being implemented in Servo and used in devtools as well, so it's not clear cut B2G OS only.

At the loss of a better idea, we eventually moved the main Browser API page to here:

Some of the engineers still didn't like this because it makes the page harder to find.

So at this point I'm not sure if I should move the other Browser API stuff over to there

Or move the main Browser API page back under Web/API. It's not exactly a Web API, so this is also confusing and not quite right.
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