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[FlyWeb] Use unbound UDP socket for mDNS queries


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One of the implementation issues we ran into on Windows 10 is that win10 system processes open and hold UDP port 5353 on the mDNS multicast address.

Our current fallback implementation also uses a SO_REUSE UDP socket on port 5353, but is hampered by conflicts.  The main issue is that only broadcast packets sent to the multicast group are delivered to the gecko UDP socket.  Directed UDP messages to the machine on that port are not delivered, and presumably go to the system socket instead.

The workaround suggested is to use a single query socket opened on an arbitrary port.  The query socket does NOT join the mDNS multicast IP group, but DOES send packets to that group.  Since this socket is assigned its own unique port, query responses addressed to it will resolve properly.
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Tested this on Linux, Android, and my Win10 box.  Seems to work quite well.
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LGTM. See my comment about removing the old block of commented-out code.

::: netwerk/dns/mdns/libmdns/fallback/MulticastDNS.jsm
@@ +343,5 @@
>        sockets.forEach((socket) => {
>          socket.send(MDNS_MULTICAST_GROUP, MDNS_PORT, data, data.length);
>        });
>      });
> +    */

We should probably just remove this block instead of commenting it out.
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Updated patch.
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Pushed by
Use dedicated custom-port query socket to do mDNS queries.  Respond to queries using per-interface sockets. r=justindarc
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this caused a small perf improvement on android (nexus 4.1: ):
Summary of tests that improved:

  remote-blank summary android-4-2-armv7-api15 opt - 2.08% better

thanks for the win!
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