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Decide what 'learn more' link for containers in about:preferences should point to.


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We need a sumo page on Containers.  baku, in the meantime you can use the wiki page.

Hi Joni,

We have been working on a feature called Containers[1].  It is an experimental feature and we are creating preference for it in about:preferences#privacy.  Along with the preference, we want to add a Learn More link.  How do we go about createing a sumo page for Containers and how do we get the corresponding url that we should emebed within the codebase?  Thanks for your help!

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Hi Tanvi,

I created a placeholder slug on SUMO. Here's the URL you can use for the Learn More link:

When would we need the content up? Since it's an experiment, we generally wouldn't localize it unless it's a high visibility/publicity. Who would like to work on the first draft? Should I do it, or would you like to?
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Thanks Joni!  Yes, I do not want to localize it yet.  We just need something basic as a place holder.  It can even link to the wiki page for more information.  If you have time to populate some content, that would be great!  If not, the placeholder URL is fine for now.  Thank you!
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::: browser/components/preferences/in-content/privacy.xul
@@ +293,5 @@
>  <groupbox id="browserContainersGroup" data-category="panePrivacy" hidden="true">
>    <vbox id="browserContainersbox" hidden="true">
> +    <caption><label>&browserContainersHeader.label;
> +      <label id="browserContainersLearnMore" class="text-link"
> +             value="&browserContainersLearnMore.label;"/>

Flod, can you remind me if this works for l10n and/or how you would suggest doing it differently for HTML/XUL/DTD ? Do we just need an "after" entity, and no space between the entity before the link and after the link?
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I don't know if it helps, but I did copy&paste from another similar caption+label.
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Review of attachment 8772594 [details] [diff] [review]:

I assume you copied it from the Tracking Protection section

Since the CSS is the same, it's OK.

One example of not-so-good "Learn more" is in Content-Notifications, that one looks part of the sentence (and out of place as a consequence).
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Add 'learn more' in about:preferences for Containers, r=gijsm r=flod
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We have a draft up of the article now:

The in-product link will automatically point to it.

If you have any suggestions, please add them here:
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Great work Joni!  Thank you!  I made a few comments for fixes in the google doc.
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Thanks, Tanvi! I've updated the article with your suggestions.
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Hi Joni,

We would like to add another section at the bottom of the containers sumo page that will explain to users that the feature will be disabled when:

* using Private Browsing mode
* enabling "Never Remember History" under about:preferences#privacy

When either of these two features are being used, all the container access points will be greyed out and disabled.
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Hi Kamil, I've added info on when the feature is disabled. I put it closer to the top near how to enable containers so users know right away that it won't work if they're in private browsing or have their browser set to never remember history.

Please let me know if there's anything else.
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Thanks Joni! Would you be able to change the current wording to the following instead:

"Note that Containers is disabled in and when Never Remember History is selected in your privacy preferences."

Thanks again :)
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Sure thing, Kamil. All set.
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Awesome, thanks. Last thing, promise! Could you replace the ":" at the end of the sentence with a period instead?
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Oops, yes, all set. Thanks for catching that.
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Looks great! Thanks again Joni.
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