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Steps to reproduce:

The problem arises from the bug
Because there is no reliable bug fix for the #1219229, I had to join multiple background files into one big file. 

Now new problem have arisen: it is harder to read such long files. So here is my suggestion.

First I add comments to the file like "#ANCHOR: background_script_01.js" .. "#ANCHOR: background_script_02.js" to every section I will need to find using searchbox.

I select Debugger tab in Addon Debugger. I click on script which I need to read. I click on search box, where I type the "#ANCHOR: background_script_01.js". Then I want to go to another section, I type the ""#ANCHOR: background_script_04.js"

If I want to go back to "#ANCHOR: background_script_01.js" I need to retype the value in Search box. I suggest:

1) add Previous search button, which when clicked, will jump to line with the previous result.

Then if I want to go back to "#ANCHOR: background_script_04.js", I suggest to add

2) add Next button, which when clicked, will jump to line with the previous result.

Another tool, which would simplify things much more. 

3) Create a tool which will give names to the position I am currently viewing. Something like bookmark but I suggest to call it an Anchor. 

Actual results:

There are no Anchors for search of text currently. There are no buttons to simplify the search of the positions already found.

Expected results:

Description of Anchors how they should be used.

Creating a anchor from context menu:

Click with right mouse button on the place where you want to place an Anchor.
Open a panel with input box where user can type a name. Possibly, if you selected a text in a comment and then clicked with right mouse button, you can add default value of the selection to the input box. You can add another input to define hotkey.
After submitting of the panel, you will create a separator and a new tab, just right beside "Step out" button. The tab will contain the hotkey and name which you wanted. I think the most important is the hotkey. But if you want to save troubles, we can live without it and just click on the tab. Once I will click on the tab, the Debugger will jump to the line with an anchor. 

This behaviour is inspired by PSPad Editor. If you do not know it, install it and check for bookmarks. In PSPad, there are 10 bookmarks from 0 to 9. That bookmarks work similar, but you cannot not give it a name. You can access a bookmark using ctrl+shift+number. Context menu contains a menu with 10 subitems. It could be done in similar way. But still I prefer small buttons between the current icons and toolbox. This will help in the case I do not remember the hotkeys. Create a tooltip if the button is too small. Width of the button could be


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