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I want to create a account on mozilla wiki.


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Steps to reproduce:

I want to create a account on mozilla wiki for my project research which is related with mozilla desktop error issues fix. So kindly approved my account.

Actual results:

I request a account today on my email id .

Expected results:

I am waiting for your reply kindly approved my account soon as possible. So I can start my project.

Thank you!
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I am done to request a account with my this email id 
And I am waiting for approval.

Kindly approved my account.

Thank you.
I'm working and participating for WoMoz Mexico and I require an account to access the wiki platform. I've just submitted the information requested through the URL a couple of months ago and no response has been given. 

If I try to fill the form, a message appears stating that my e-mail ( is waiting for an approval. Could you please be so kind to fulfill my request and approve?. 

Thanks in advance
Hi @marynarci @Pank, I hope your account has been reviewed and approved by now. 
If not, Please read this page( and contact wiki-admins via mails.

Let me know, if you are done with your wiki profiles.
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