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Crash in mozilla::gl::GetBytesPerTexel


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firefox50 --- fixed


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(Keywords: crash, topcrash-android-armv7, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

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This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-5b23d907-3ae8-4798-81f0-b66cc2160725.

New Fennec #1 topcrash. First showed up in Nightly 20160722030235, where it occurred 28 times, which is a *lot* for Fennec.

It's a MOZ_CRASH() in GetBytesPerTexel(). Looks like some kind of case isn't being handled correctly. Bug 1164027 is almost certainly the cause.

jnicol, can you please investigate?
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Looks like something uses some texture formats which GLUploadHelpers.cpp code doesn't, and now this function is being used in more places it needs to be expanded to handle those cases.

All of the reports are crashing on type=GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE and format=GL_BGRA_EXT. I'll add that to the function. And I think we should remove the MOZ_CRASH. The gfxCriticalError will still assert in debug builds.
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Also, do not MOZ_CRASH for unknown types and formats. The
gfxCriticalError will assert in debug builds and provide the values of
unknown types or formats.

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This crash also appears in the WebRTC Autophone job, see for instance:

You can create a try run for Autophone like this one if you want to test your fix:
Patch tested locally on a crashing url, can confirm it works. Let's check this in.
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Thank you for the fast fix.
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Handle GL_BGRA_EXT in GetBytesPerTexel; r=snorp
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landed, will see that i retrigger nightlys to get this fix out to the nightly tester community when this patch hits m-c
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0 crashes reported yet with a build after 2016-07-26.
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