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Colorpicker stops working after using the new eyedropper


(DevTools :: Inspector: Rules, defect)

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(firefox50 fixed)

Firefox 50
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firefox50 --- fixed


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Regression from 1262439.


- open inspector > ruleview
- create a property color: red
- open the color picker 
- click on the eyedropper icon
- pick a color on the page
- (color picker is automatically closed, picked color is set as property value)
- open the color picker
- try to update the color using the gradient background

ER: Colorpicker widget should still work
AR: Colorpicker widget is no longer working
Blocks: 1262439
The eyedropper gets hidden when canceled and when selecting a color.
The Tooltip should listen to both events to update its internal state flags.

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Bug 1289152 - switch eyedropperOpen flag in Tooltip when picking color;

::: devtools/client/shared/widgets/Tooltip.js:868
(Diff revision 1)
>      this.hide();
>      this.tooltip.emit("eyedropper-opened");
>    },
> +  _onEyeDropperDone: function () {

We usually uses the prefixed `on` for function's name that are actually listener, bound to specific events; in that case it seems there is no direct correlation, so it's a bit misleading. I would probably call the function just `this._eyeDropperDone` – or anything else doesn't include `on` as prefix.

(I'm not going to block this bug just for the naming convention, since you're also in PTO, I writing this done just as reminder, maybe we could fix it in one of the eye dropper follow up bug)
Attachment #8774453 - Flags: review?(zer0) → review+
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Switch eyedropperOpen flag in Tooltip when picking color. r=zer0
Keywords: checkin-needed
Closed: 6 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 50
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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