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tooltips layout (title="tooltip") depends on theme


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The way tooltips are presented depends on the theme. If the tooltip
value contains newlines in it, with Classic theme, the tooltip will
be broken in several lines, while with Modern tooltip value will be
displayed in one line (I didn't try other themes).
 I think that ability to have multiline tooltips is great and very
useful for various things (mostly for tables with a lot of data in each
cell - the tooltip would contain detailed info for the cell, while
the cell itself will contain abbreviated info to make table tighter.
MSIE honors line newlines in tooltip value.
 My mozilla version is 0.9.6 (as shipped with RH72).
 Sample (see the tooltip with Classic and Modern theme):

<span title="line1
line3">hover a mouse over this using Classic and Modern themes</span>
um ... title attribute is a plain text so it has NO specifc formatting and user
agent can reflow the title text freely, ignoring the original formatting in

may be adding newlines support in title="" can be an enhancement for quirk mode
... or this bug is simply invalid.
Duplicate of bug 67127, perhaps?
This has nothing to do with the DOM if it's theme-specific.
Assignee: jst → hewitt
Component: DOM HTML → Themes
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