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Add basic notification tests


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While looking at bug 1279301, I noticed we don't have any specific tests that can be run to ensure basic functionality of notifications still worked correctly.
Sebastian, do you have any ideas of simple tests that can be written?

Adding the 'good next bug' tag, but feel free to change this if you don't think this should be changed to something else.
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Also see bug 1287683 comment 2 for details: UI tests can't access notifications and we do not use the UIAutomator framework (which could access notifications) anywhere yet.

However as we do not intend to test that the Android system works (=> actually clicking notifications) we might be able to mock the parts we can't access: If we want to test what happens if we click a notification/action: Can we just send the intent ourselves during test? If we just want to test that a notification is shown: Can we mock NotificationManager in our code and verify that it gets called with the right parameters?
For setting 'good next bug' we should have a rough idea about what to do, so that we can mentor it. This doesn't seem to be a good candidate (yet).
As soon as we have concrete ideas about how a test could look like, we can file those as separate bugs and make them mentor bugs.
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I would like to take this on if it is still open.
Mass closing Firefox for Android :: Testing bugs with no progress in 2017.

If this bug is important to you, please re-open.
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(In reply to Tomislav Jurin from comment #4)
> I would like to take this on if it is still open.

Sorry we missed this! If still interested, please needinfo the mentor, or needinfo me.
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