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Large number of low-frequency intermittent timeouts


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Starting sometime around 20/7-25/7 web-platform-tests started experiencing a large number of new low-frequency intermittent timeouts. There are no obvious wpt changes in that time period [1], but I do notice that it seems to correspond to dustin's configuration changes for taskcluster, although not every new intermittent occurs on TC, and I can't obviously see any relevant configuration changes.

The only plausible-looking marionette change I can see that might affect things is [2], but it's hard to see how because I believe that code is only called from the python navigate() method, which we only use to load the initial harness page, which isn't being reloaded before the failing tests.

So I am back to wondering if something could have changed in the test environment that might affect the worst-case performance of the tests. Otherwise I suppose a gecko change might have had some effect…

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The configuration changes that I made were tested to ensure that they produced the same task description (modulo things like treeherder attributes which wouldn't affect pass/fail status).  That the failures are occurring on Buildbot as well is also strong evidence these changes are unrelated.

The TC test environment is also defined in-tree in testing/docker/desktop-test, so you can look for changes there.  But again, Buildbot is completely different so given that the failures span TC and BB, I doubt the test environment is related.
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This should hopefully be fixed by bug 1288579.
Closing given bug 1295840 comment 6.
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