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Add Promise::MaybeResolveWithUndefined utility for implementing promise-based HTMLMediaElement::play() API


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In bug 1244768, we are going to implement the promise-based HTMLMediaElement::play() API which resolves promises with undefined., this is where the resolving promises with undefined is specified.
Blocks: 1244768
Assignee: nobody → kaku
Why is MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) not good enough? suggests it's quite widely used already....
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You are quite right, MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) is good enough. I followed the mindset of Promise::MaybeRejectWithUndefined() without a search of usage to the code base, sorry about that. Will cancel the review request and close this issue.
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Assignee: kaku → nobody
No longer blocks: 1244768
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Well.  It might be worth having a MaybeResolveWithUndefined, but we should just convert _all_ the callers to it.  That would be worth it, I guess.
Did you want to do the "convert all the callers" thing?
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I was already convinced that MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) is good enough, so I am wondering why do you think the MaybeResolveWithUndefined() is worthy?
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Well, we have a MaybeRejectWithUndefined (which is a _much_ weirder operation, by the way)...  And resolving with undefined is in fact a common spec operation, so it might make sense to have a shortcut for it.
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Then, I could do it. Will update the patches soon.
Assignee: nobody → kaku
Blocks: 1244768
Comment on attachment 8777786 [details]
Bug 1292091 part 1 - add Promise::MaybeResolveWithUndefined() utility method;


::: dom/promise/Promise.cpp:933
(Diff revision 2)
>  void
> +Promise::MaybeResolveWithUndefined()
> +{
> +
> +  MaybeSomething(JS::UndefinedHandleValue, &Promise::MaybeResolve);

This could probably just call MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) instead of the more complicated MaybeSomething invocation.
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Comment on attachment 8779269 [details]
Bug 1292091 part 2 - replace MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) with MaybeResolveWithUndefined();

r=me.  Thank you!
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Thanks for the review!
Nothing weird found in the try:
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Part 1 - add Promise::MaybeResolveWithUndefined() utility method; r=bz
Part 2 - replace MaybeResolve(JS::UndefinedHandleValue) with MaybeResolveWithUndefined(); r=bz
Keywords: checkin-needed
Closed: 3 years ago
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