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|mach bootstrap| fails for mobile/android on Debian: package openjdk-7 needs to be upgraded to openjdk-8


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Looks like Open JDK 8 is the new normal: see also Bug 1267097.

User WalkingIce reports (edited):

"I tried use mozboot to build Fennec on my laptop, but I got a dependency package problem from build. The mozboot try to check openjdk-7[2] but which is removed from Debian testing[3].

I did a workaround by download mozboot and remove that line. It works and I built runnable Fennec. Maybe there are some people also have this kind of problem, so I try writing this mail to you to report this situation.



It looks like Android SDK 24 requires Java 8 now, so I guess the real solution is to update more generally.  This ticket tracks updating, probably around

I tried upgrading version to java8 and it looks no problem to build fennec. Prepared this patch for your reference.
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Hi Nick,

I just tried submit a review request to mozreivew. I greatly appreciate for correcting me if I made any mistake.
Well, this results in breaking mach bootstrap on Debian stable and versions of Debian-based distros that don't have openjdk-8 yet...
I checked openjdk-8 exists in debian stable. Or I misunderstand anything?
That says it's in stable-bpo (backports), not stable. Which means apt-get install openjdk-8 doesn't work without adding the backports repository. Adding the backports repository is not something to do lightly.
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Thank you Mike for explain the detail. I've discarded the review request and will try to understand more detail of it.
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Upgrade openjdk version to 8 for debian

This patch has problem and is obsolete.
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Install package "default-jdk" might be better than specified-version-jdk package.

For debian-testing/unstable it installs openjdk8, for debian-stable it install openjdk7. for debian-oldstable it install openjdk7 (if arch is amd64/i386).

I think it should be safe to use?
Duplicate of this bug: 1267097
As a former maintainer of the Debian/Ubuntu default-java packages, I think using it is safe.
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Bug 1292649 - Use default-jdk instead of an explicit version of the jdk

If it works for you, it works for me.
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Use default-jdk instead of an explicit version of the jdk r=nalexander
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I really appreciate this patch then I can build code on my Debian laptop :D
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