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Give TPS a configurable option to point at a non-production Sync server


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This is necessary for bug 1219456 -- the intensive TPS job should run somewhere where it won't interfere with production services.

Thom and Mark, please feel free to email or comment with any questions/caveats, etc.

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Ended up doing this sooner rather than later so that I could test my work on bug 1253051. Basically, just looks for stuff like `"preferences": { "": "asdf", ... }` and merges them into the preferences it would start Firefox with. This definitely allows syncing with stage if you specify all the right prefs (this is a bit unwieldy, admittedly).
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Bug 1293426 - Allow TPS config to specify preference values so it can be pointed at non-production servers

LGTM, thanks. Can you please update the bug with instructions for Karl to follow on how to specify the prefs that point this at stage (ie, the specific values he should add, and where he should specify them)
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Karl: is my TPS config (sans user/pass). I believe only lines 17 to 28 are relevant but it seemed better to paste the whole thing. This is the file located at `<tps-venv-root>/config.json`.  This probably goes without saying, but you will need to register the account on stage for this to work.

Some of these values are probably superfluous (For example, I can't imagine TPS needs the signup URI to work), but they don't do any harm and it was easier for me to specify them all than to find the relevant subset.

Let me know if you have any issues.
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Allow TPS config to specify preference values so it can be pointed at non-production servers r=markh
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Hey Karl,
  Please see comment 4 - can you please re-enable TPS on stage?
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I will set up a job for Stage sometime today PDT.
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This got shuffled back behind some high-priority options; I'll give it another stab this week.
This is verified; Thom is using it regularly.  And as soon as :rpapa and I figure out where to put it, we'll get it running on a schedule.  See bug 1219456 for details.
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