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Extend `Bookmarks.fetch` to allow a `parentGuid` without an `index`


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Specifying a parent without an index would fetch all of a parent's children, sorted by the index. (Suggestion from bug bug 1274108, comment 59).
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Shouldn't this just be removing this line:

All of the queries in the file already take parentGuid into account when doing their queries.

(In reply to Mike Kaply [:mkaply] from comment #1)

Shouldn't this just be removing this line:

Yes, with a test checking that the default value works (likely it needs a "defaultValue: this.DEFAULT_INDEX," instead of "requiredIf")

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Posted before your comment. I'll make the additional changes.

also, I'm not sure it's just going to work because it seems comment 0 is requesting a behavior change, so fetching without an index fetches all the children... currently with parent and index it only fetches one... As I said I can't check atm due to lack of time left (sorry).

we have await fetchBookmarkByPosition(fetchInfo, options); this seems to require the addition of a fetchBookmarksByParent similar to fetchBookmarksByURL

Yeah, this is way more complicated then it looks. It looks like you can't combine various fetch items at all. So if you specify a GUIDPrefix, you can't use Tags for instance.

So my use case - specifying a GUID prefix and a parentGUID wouldn't even work.

But Lina's use case is pretty straightforward, so I can still do a patch for that.

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Add the ability to fetch bookmarks by parent GUID. r=Standard8
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