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MDN: report generation should be able to handle host name aliases



MailNews Core
16 years ago
9 years ago


(Reporter: Jeff Tsai, Unassigned)


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16 years ago
For example, ip address of the mail server and the mail server hostname should
be handled correctly. user@ should be treated as within the same
domain user@myhostname.domain.com if myhostname.domail.com ip address is Other cases of hostname aliases should be handled too.


16 years ago
Depends on: 16241


16 years ago
QA Contact: esther → gchan
Depends on: 134040
No longer depends on: 134040
Blocks: 134040

Comment 1

16 years ago
Can you give an example of how this would show up?

Comment 2

16 years ago
hmm I tried sending a mesg with to prompt of:
  gchan@123.456.789 (example)
and I came back with error mesg from the server
"invalid address syntax"

The ip number I used was ip # from nslookup of that particular computer
hosting that mail server.

Also tried send an email from a test mail server to nsmail-1 (aka
judge) and it worked and I got the return recepit back:

This is a Return Receipt for the mail that you sent to  gchan@judge.mcom.com.

Note: This Return Receipt only acknowledges that the message was displayed on 
the recipient's computer. There is no guarantee that the recipient has read or 
understood the message contents.

Reporting-UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; WinNT4.0; en-US; rv:0.9.9+) 
Final-Recipient: rfc822; gchan@judge.mcom.com
Original-Message-ID: <3CA3AD83.9000004@linzilla.mcom.com>
Disposition: manual-action/MDN-sent-manually; displayed

Final part was the header of the original mesg (which I didn't include)


Comment 3

16 years ago
Accepting ...

Comment 4

16 years ago
I guess this would be more easier to set it up on a linux machine. Try to create
an account on a linux machine and then create a few alias for the machine. Then
send mail messages with request for return receipt to user@alias1, user@alias2,
and user@machine. Some MTA may masquerade user's address too.

Comment 5

16 years ago
How many people are likely to run into this?

Comment 6

16 years ago
Very rarely. May be academic users are more prone for this kind of problems. 

Comment 7

16 years ago
moving to future.
Target Milestone: --- → Future


16 years ago
Summary: MDN report generation should be able to handle host name aliases → MDN: report generation should be able to handle host name aliases
Product: MailNews → Core
Assignee: jt95070 → nobody
QA Contact: grylchan → backend


9 years ago
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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