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Mochitest devtools dt9 chunk frequently last to finish on linux64 debug because of its size


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Looking at my infraherder prototype (, it seems like the mochitest dt9 chunk is frequently the last to finish on Linux debug.

Looking at this example:

dt1: 44 minute(s)
dt2: 56 minute(s)
dt3: 53 minute(s)
dt4: 26 minute(s)
dt5: 63 minute(s)
dt6: 33 minute(s)
dt7: 49 minute(s)
dt8: 56 minute(s)
dt9: 83 minute(s)

It seems like reshuffling the chunks is in order. It looks like dt9 is tests in the `devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/` directory. :chmanchester suggested that we may need to split that up, since it's run-by-dir.
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According to ahal, chunk-by-runtime won't split manifests, so we might be able to fix this by splitting the tests in that dir into two (or more) manifests.

We should probably re-normalize the chunks as well; it looks like this suite hasn't been touched for 11 months:
Here's a try run with devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest split into two manifests:

Runtimes on linux64 debug for all chunks are: 18, 31, 27, 20, 18, 15, 12, 18, 26, 24

So this seems to have the desired effect.
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Bug 1294489 - Split directory into two manifests for better chunking,

Seems fine to me (sorry, was at a conference and PTO recently). It's worth noting that we are about to land a new debugger and working on an entirely new test suite, so in the next month or two we can retire these old debugger tests.
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Split directory into two manifests for better chunking, r=jlongster
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