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Provide a static link to latest unbranded CI build


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Steps to reproduce:

For most Firefox release channels, a static link is made available which provides the latest release for that channel.



For the unbranded release, however, I can only find a link by visiting and clicking on the link under "Latest Release".  This will change upon every new release made.  A predictable static link makes it much easier to script tests with the latest unbranded release.

Actual results:

No static link is available for the latest unbranded release.

Expected results:

Please make available a static link for the latest unbranded release.
This is interfering with our CI process for the HTTPS Everywhere extension.  Since Firefox Stable (as of v. 48) no longer allows you to override extension signing, we're forced to test on the unbranded release channel.

Severity: normal → major
QA Whiteboard: [bugday-20160815]
Component: Untriaged → Releases
Product: Firefox → Release Engineering
QA Contact: rail
Component: Releases → Release Automation
These builds are CI-only, we don't "release" them similar to other builds. Morphing the title.

We can probably point to and friends.
No longer blocks: release-promotion
Component: Release Automation → General Automation
Ever confirmed: true
QA Contact: rail → catlee
Summary: Provide a static link to latest unbranded release → Provide a static link to latest unbranded CI build
As a possible work around you can use the attached example of how to generate links to the latest add-on-devel builds. I hope it helps.
I don't see any documentation on what the `add-on-devel` build actually consists of:

Is this intended to maintain version parity with Firefox Stable, as the `unbranded` release does?
Component: General Automation → General
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