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2 years ago
Several users have requested the ability to create disposable/one-shot containers. As the request is tailored for more advanced users, Bram suggested adding the capability into DevTools.

(Bram Pitoyo [:bram] from bug#1283314comment#7)
> One way that I think containers can integrate within DevTools is via an icon
> that says “Open page in a new container tab”.
> It does exactly what it says on the tin, except we’ll open a disposable
> container that will delete itself when closed and does not have the ability
> to replicate (ie. there’s no way to open another container tab of the same
> type).
> Thoughts? Maybe we should move all the DevTools integration design and
> discussion into another issue. I do think that containers and DevEdition is
> a perfect fit.
Here are a couple more devtools / container ideas we discussed at the devtools meeting this week:

* Storage inspector integration - manage cookie jars through the devtools storage UI as a way to avoid needing to either edit cookies directly or manage multiple browser processes
** Use case 1: Test security on a page by reloading it after 'deleting' all of the cookies (i.e. switching to a new container), but being able to restore them easily
** Use case 2: Manage multiple logins for development (one tab as admin user, one tab as normal user)
* Show the color of the active container somewhere in the toolbox
Priority: -- → P3
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