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Make sure that nsFormAutoComplete modifications from bug 1294502 will work in other non-Firefox XUL apps.


(Toolkit :: Form Manager, defect)

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Tracking Status
firefox50 --- unaffected
firefox51 --- fix-optional
firefox52 --- fix-optional
firefox53 --- fix-optional


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I'm not too worried about Fennec - I don't think it'll be affected. I'm more worried about SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. I suspect bug 1294502 may have broken form autocomplete popups for them.

I'm happy to land additional patches to fix these potential consumers of form autocompletion.
I'm not 100% sure where <xul:browser>'s might use the form autocomplete stuff in Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. Magnus, do you know where Thunderbird might use it?

RSX11M, do you know where SeaMonkey might use it?

If there's breakage, the first part of the solution is to make sure there's a panel like this per window: and that <xul:browser>'s that want to use form autocomplete have an autocompletepopup attribute set to the ID of the PopupAutoComplete panel.

That might not be 100% enough though - there might need to be some work for PopupAutoComplete to make it app-agnostic, as I believe there are some gBrowser-isms in there that I'm not sure the other apps have.

Anyhow, let me know if there's breakage.
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For form items, SeaMonkey is definitely using the Toolkit implementation.
The URL bar may be separate implementation.

Forwarding the NI? request to IanN and Ratty.
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Seamonkey sure is broken now. It was reported in bug 1300547. I tried to fix it there and it seems to be semi working. The resulting list box which contains the results is always empty but seems to be the correcnt size. Bug 1298204 is about a similar issue but the blank lines can not be selected in Seamonkey.
Just tried the fix for bug 1298204 in suite and it does not help with the patch in bug 1300547
As far as I know, form auto-completion isn't really used within Thunderbird. Possibly in some extension like ThunderBrowse then...
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could you take a look at bug 1300547. This is half working for SeaMonkey but I have no clue what might be missing. Do you know if Firefox does the form fill itself and doesn't use toolkit?

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Yep, looked, and commented. Thanks for working on that.
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Matt, Thanks. Thought this bug was already closed. I think you can close it. SeaMonkey 2.48 and up were fixed in bug 1300547. TB and IM do not seem to be affected.
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See Also: → 1300547
Mike, can we close this?
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Yeah, I think so.
Closed: 3 years ago
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