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password and control center doorhangers janky when closing under OSX


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From bug#1252224comment#52
> I've noticed that the password manager and control center doorhangers are
> really janky during transitions when pressing the "ESC" key [1]. Pressing
> the "X" rather than using the "ESC" key closes the doorhanger without any of
> the jank/sluggish transitions/animations. I'm only seeing this happen under
> macOS 10.11.6 and doesn't look like it's happening under the Win 10/Ubuntu
> VM's.
> Is what I'm seeing related to this bug? Or does it warrant a separate bug?
> [1]

This is happening with all versions of fx under macOS. I'm not sure if it's just my MBP (which is pretty new), or if there was a macOS update that made closing the menu's look really janky, but it's definitely not happening under Win 10 x64.

Let me know if there's anything else that I can provide, perhaps a profile using the Cleopatra add-on?
It looks like it's actually taking a different code path for the X button versus ESC key. One might trigger an animation whereas the other is hiding the panel immediately.
Panos - you want to look at this as part of the notification / control center work?
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Yes, thanks for the ping. We will triage it at our next meeting.
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Depends on: 1291457
Kamil, can you please check if this is fixed in 53 with the new doorhangers?
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(In reply to Johann Hofmann [:johannh] from comment #4)
> Kamil, can you please check if this is fixed in 53 with the new doorhangers?

The janky/sluggish behaviour is still happening with the new doorhangers in fx53. When dismissing the doorhanger via "ESC" or clicking anywhere on the current page, you'll notice that the transition/animation doesn't look really smooth. However, clicking on either the "Don't Save", "Save" or "Never Save" buttons will close the doorhanger instantly without any animation jank.

Quick example of the issue with the new doorhangers (hopefully you can see the jank):

Build used:
* fx53.0, buildid: 20170411024320, changeset: afa44b2ebb35
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I believe this is now fixed after bug 1291457 landed. Please reopen if you still see jank.
Closed: 2 years ago
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