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Create a derived parquet dataset for the sync ping


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The next step on the path to dashboards is to create derived parquet dataset.

Dexter tells me the steps are roughly:
- You have to build a new view for the Sync pings (i.e. as done for longitudinal and main summary). You can find an example for the MainSummary at [1] (the same repository also contains the code for the longitudinal).
- This should live in the repo.
- I suggest to use IntelliJ IDEA [2] to write your code, as you can easily import the SBT project from the repo and have it download all the dependencies, along with all its code completion cool features.

[1] -
[2] -

I'll schedule a time to chat with Dexter soon, but getting this on file and so I don't lose the above steps a second time :)
Mark, do you have any suggestion or additional information about how to add Sync pings to re:dash?
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There are 2 other smaller steps.

After developing and testing the Sync View code per your description, we'll need to schedule it to run from Airflow[1]. There are several examples in the "dags" directory.

We also need to import the new dataset into the Hive Metastore used by re:dash. This is a matter of adding a crontab entry on the re:dash server (at least until bug 1269781 lands) and should only take a few minutes.

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This code was merged in Bug 1307317 and bug 1307318 are 2 followups that must be done by the pipeline team to finally get this data in re:dash - so all the work here is done.
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