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Firefox occasionally hangs on startup with the gfx testing window open


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I've run into this 2 or 3 times in the past couple of weeks on my Surface Pro device. I *think* it's always happened on the first-run of Nightly after updating it. What happens is that the main window opens, but then hangs. In the alt-tab app switcher I see that there's a second window open with a red rectangle, which I believe is the window that the gfx code opens to run tests on the gfx environment. See attached photos (I couldn't figure out how to get a screenshot with the other window visible).
Do you know why the main window itself is hanging?
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No idea :(
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I'm still running into this.
Is there anyway you can get a stack trace of what's going on when this happens?
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I'm pretty sure I tried previously to attach Visual Studio when this happens and was unsuccessful. I'll try again, leaving needinfo on me. It might help if you can insert MOZ_CRASH in likely places and land them #ifdef NIGHTLY_BUILD.
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I was thinking it could be related in some way to bug #1301301, but it seems like it's not.
See Also: 1301301

Haven't seen this again, but seems kind of similar to what's happening on aarch64 reftests in CI

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