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Please create an IPC request form in Bugzilla


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The LCM team wants to create an IPC Request Form in Bugzilla that would take the answers to some questions and automatically file a single bug using the contents of the form.

We are trying to improve our ability to respond to requests by simplifying the request while improving our understanding of the request.

I created a Google Form to show how the questions we want to ask are formatted and presented. 
Here is a link:

You can copy the Google form or reference the text below.

The Form should pose the following questions:

1. What team are you a part of?
{short answer text}

2. What is the user story associated with your snippet?
{short answer text}

3. Will your snippet need to appear in a language other than English? If so, please specify.
{multiple choice}
Other: {fill in blank}

4. Does your snippet need to be targeted to a particular country? If so, please specify.
{short answer text}

If you would like your snippet to include a link, please tag it by using the URL builder ( and following the steps below: 

{Insert attached image}

5. Insert your tagged link here. 
{short answer text}

Please reference the Mozilla In-Product Messaging Calendar for available dates.

6. When would you like your snippet to start its run? * 
{calenar start date}

7. When would you like your snippet to complete its run? 
{claendar finish date}

8.Will you be able to provide the following assets for your snippet? Check all that apply. Feel free to look at our existing icon library:
{multiple choice}
Special format
Other: {fill in blank}

9. Your name
{short answer text}

10. E-mail
{short answer text}

11. Anything else you would like to add?
{long answer text}

Bonus Question

12. Who do you think is coolest? 
{multiple choise}
Han Solo
Hermione Granger
Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Katniss Everdeen
Could someone give me an estimate on when this bug will be completed? Thanks
Due Date: 2016-09-08
We normally need at least a couple weeks notice for custom forms, as we have various projects we're working on (particularly in the last month of the quarter).  We'll see what we can do, but a week from now is unlikely, in particular because we'll have to put it up on our development server for you to verify, and we generally only push new changes out once a week, on Tuesday mornings.  It's possible we'll have it out on the 13th but we'll see how it goes over the next week.
Due Date: 2016-09-08
Super, thank you for getting back to me.
Assignee: nobody → sebastinssanty
Hi wes winton,

It would be kind, if you could open the aforementioned google form for me (Not a mozilla employee :P). And can you also give a list of required fields. The patch is ready, and will PR it once, I get the info.

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Hi Sebastin, 

Thanks for working on my form. I opened it up for non-Mozillians.Here is the link 

Required fields are specified within the google form. 

Let me know if you need anything else. 

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Thanks wes for the info. 
Dylan can you please review the patch.
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changes requested in the github pull request. Nothing huge :-)
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Hey Guys, thanks for working on my Bug. I was hoping someone could give me an ETA on this form. I'd like to be able to send it out soon. 

Thanks again.
There were a few problems with the last version, and Seban said he'll be working on today (I think, it's exam time for him).
If there's a particular rush I can see about appropriating my time but the bteam are trying to get some other code landed before the end of the quarter.
Dylan, I'll wind up the nits by today itself.
Comment on attachment 8790559 [details] [review]

Updated the patch according to the review
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Hi all, 

Following up on this request. We really need this bug form up and running as soon as possible. Any way it can get done this week? 

Also please add the default cc list:

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I'm reviewing this code right now, and if it looks good I'll go ahead and add those to the CC list. This will likely go out with tomorrow's push baring other problems.
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Comment on attachment 8790559 [details] [review]

r=dylan with minor nits.
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Hey wes, please take a look at this form on our dev install and let me know if looks and works okay.
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Hey Dylan, could you send me the form in a different format? I am not able to access it through the link you provided. Probably has something to do with my permissions settings. Jean was able to take a quick look at the form, and she said that it looks good, but we might need to fix some grammatical things.
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Hey wes, here's a webpage-complete archive of the form. 
Just unzip and look at the main .html file. 

I can also give you the right perms on bugzilla-dev, probably easiest if you catch me in irc. I'm dylan in #bmo.
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Thanks Dylan, I can see the form fine now. I'll dive into it this weekend and get back to you on Monday.
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Hi Dylan, 

There are some minor fixes to the form I was hoping you could address before we ship it out:

-the "A" in awesome doesn't need to be capitalized. 

-There is no closing parenthesis in the final sentence of the first paragraph. It should read "(maybe today, but definitely within 3 days.)"

- You can remove the sentence "all fields required." 

-The sections with multiple choice ansewer - Languages required and creative assests - do not allow a user to click on multiple options. Could you change the form, so it lets users choose multiple options?

- I was hoping you could exchange the link in existing icon library for this link: 

-Could you remove the sentece "contact info" from the bottom of the form? I don't think its relevant anymore. 

Thanks for hammering out our bug. Appreciate all your hard work.
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Redirecting to seban, who will do the work. This probably won't make tomorrow's push, but if it is critical we can do a second push Wednesday.
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Hey Seban, 

Wednesday would be great. We are in the process of training teams on our new process and it would be great to actually have this form for them to review. Thanks!
Comment on attachment 8790559 [details] [review]

Made changes according to wes. I guess, The patch can be pushed today itself. Waiting for final review from dylan.
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I'm taking a look at this now. Thanks again Sebastin!
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Sebastin's changes are up on, if you or someone wants to check.

If I don't hear anything, this will be going out tomorrow morning, US/Eastern time.
Any further changes, you'll have to wait until Tuesday. 

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Thanks Dylan,

I am having the same access problems as I experienced earlier. Could you send me a zip again? Flagging Jean to take a look at the form as well. glad we are wrapping this bad boy up.
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   b955c8d..e21bf08  master -> master
Closed: 5 years ago
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Looks like this was resolved, can someone provide the link to the form? Thanks!
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Thanks Sebastin. Couple things (and it's fine to push the changes next Tues if possible):

-The dates are noted as required. We don't want the dates to be required. If they leave the dates blank that's okay.

-For this part: :Will you be able to provide the following assets for your snippet? Check all that apply.
Feel free to look at our existing icon library:"

Can you replace the link with this: 

Feel free to shortened if makes sense. 

-Remove, from the default cc notifications. It should only notify, and

Thank you,
Resolution: FIXED → ---
We'll do this in a new bug, since this has been pushed out. for further discussion
Closed: 5 years ago5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

We're using a different platform for submitting IPC Requests, so please update the bugzilla form to say the following (without the quotation marks):

"This form has been replaced with the IPC Snippet Submission Form, which you'll find here:"

Place the new text above the header "IPC Requests" and make the text noticeable using bold, or larger text, or a bright color.

Also, please disable the "Submit Request" button.

Thank you!
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I'm editing the rewrite rules to redirect to the new form, and remove the old custom IPC template files. Will post a PR here.
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Pull request attached.
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The snippet submission form link has changed to:

Please update the redirect rewrite rules to the new link.

Resolution: FIXED → ---
We'll handle this in bug 1454011
Closed: 4 years ago4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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