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adjust how telemetry collected for arewee10syet


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arewee10syet: get Shim and CPOW data for only the highest version number add-on - rather than all versions combined.  Not certain how to accomplish - ideas were Query AMO for latest version?  is there a way to choose highest release number

python scripts are linked from column headings in

reason: add-ons that have no shims or CPOWs but are not marked MPC:true are great candidates for testing that they will just work.  But right now we don't know what the data is telling us - if it's the accumulation of several versions?  so if a lower version is using shims and a newer one isn't... does it say shims yes?  knowing most recent version data only would clear this up
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After discussing with Andy, we decided to maintain the breakdown by version in the JSON data files, and show multiple versions on the HTML page. If required, multiple versions can be aggregated in the script that prepares the page.

This is discussed more in depth in bug 1299299. I suggest using that one to discuss further changes to data collection for arewee10syet.
Depends on: 1299299
Closed: 4 years ago
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