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Since 27-April-2016 there has been no new meeting notes posted on the "Meeting Notes" blog.
It looks like the "meeting-poster" ( doesn't collect them from the wiki anymore for reasons unknown.

I've checked the relevant pages and besides the following three pages (which could get deleted from "") the other meetings are still going on and there are still meeting notes posted on the wiki:
It would be awesome if that could be fixed since afaik this is the only way to subscribe via RSS to those meetings.
Originally filed as bug 1275636 which was then morphed into a particular bug about XMLRPC APIs, which was since WONTFIXED. I don't know of a bug tracking the actual problem of meeting notes not being available anywhere.

Brain trust unite! What do we need to actually solve this problem? Let's assume that wordpress/ is not a viable long-term solution.
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Not sure why bug 1275636 was marked confidential. If there is another way to post to than the now disabled xmlrpc, and someone who knows Python wants to fix the script, I will be happy to take that update. I will leave it to others to work on a more long term solution.
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Doesn't the Wiki have RSS features? It seems only "recent changes" are announced as RSS feed, but it should be possible to limit this to a partiular category, shouldn't it?
None of the existing wiki feeds work in the way we want, chronologically by week.
As I understand the process, it is:
- Meeting notes go in to wikimo
- Script scrapes wikimo
- Script pushes to blog.m.o via xmlrpc (broken now and presumably forever)
- Planet pulls notes from blog.m.o.

MediaWiki has a WikiArticleFeeds extension - - that _looks_ like it can be made to generate structured feeds in the format of our choice, cut out some middlemen and syndicate to Planet directly from Wikimo.

Provided we can validate and deploy that extension - who owns Wikimo now? - that would be my preferred approach. This would also let us create an aggregator only for meeting notes, which might serve us well despite the fact that "Planet Meetings" sounds like OMG THE WORST PLANET TO VISIT, like the No Man's Sky version of The Stanley Parable or something.
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If that approach seems reasonable to all concerned, I'll take this bug.
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Followed up with Lyre, who I believe is currently the only active Wikimo module peer, waiting for an answer.
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