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Handle GetSpec() failure in nsContentUtils::GetWrapperSafeScriptFilename()


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We need to better handle failure of GetSpec() in nsContentUtils::GetWrapperSafeScriptFilename(). In bug 1297300 bz suggests doing so by:

> Arguably by not executing the relevant script.  Or by removing this function
> altogether; it's not clear to me whether it does anything useful nowadays...

If we do keep the function, it might be worth splitting it into two parts. Because there are two output values -- the return value (bool), and the output string, and each callsite only uses one of the outputs.
And note that there are two GetSpec() calls in nsContentUtils::GetWrapperSafeScriptFilename().
Please let me know if this should be a higher priority than "backlog".
Priority: -- → P3
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This looks plausible, but I'm not a DOM peer and not comfortable giving r+. I was going to ask bz to review, but he's not accepting reviews at the moment.

::: dom/base/nsScriptLoader.h
@@ +548,5 @@
>                             nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
>    nsresult EvaluateScript(nsScriptLoadRequest* aRequest);
>    already_AddRefed<nsIScriptGlobalObject> GetScriptGlobalObject();
> +  nsresult FillCompileOptionsForRequest(const mozilla::dom::AutoJSAPI& jsapi,

Make this MOZ_MUST_USE.
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I don't see reason to use ErrorResult here. nsresult would be stronger hint that we're dealing with gecko internal stuff.
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>+nsContentUtils::GetWrapperSafeScriptFilename(nsIDocument* aDocument,
>+                                             nsIURI* aURI,
>+                                             nsACString& aScriptURI,
>+                                             nsresult* aRv)
>+  MOZ_ASSERT(aRv);
>   bool scriptFileNameModified = false;
>-  // XXX: should handle GetSpec() failure properly. See bug 1301251.
>-  Unused << aURI->GetSpec(aScriptURI);
>+  *aRv = NS_OK;
>+  *aRv = aURI->GetSpec(aScriptURI);
>+  if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(*aRv))) {
>+    return false;
>+  }
I would probably use
here and elsewhere but up to you

Make sure to push this to tryserver since the changes to XBL and XUL might cause some unexpected test failures.
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Handle GetSpec() failure in nsContentUtils::GetWrapperSafeScriptFilename(), r=smaug
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