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nsINode::GetBaseURI() should be fallible


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This is a spin-off of bug 1297300, which is adding checking for GetSpec() calls that are lacking them.

nsINode::GetBaseURI() has a GetSpec() call that is fallible. The right way to handle this is to make nsIDocument::GetDocumentURI() itself fallible. bz noted in bug 1297300 comment 31.

It should also be marked with MOZ_MUST_USE, of course :)
Please let me know if this should be a higher priority than "backlog".
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> Please let me know if this should be a higher priority than "backlog".

That seems fine. Thank you for checking.
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Looks ok, but I'll defer to a DOM peer for r+.

::: dom/xslt/xpath/txXPathTreeWalker.h
@@ +92,5 @@
>      static int32_t getUniqueIdentifier(const txXPathNode& aNode);
>      static nsresult getXSLTId(const txXPathNode& aNode,
>                                const txXPathNode& aBase, nsAString& aResult);
>      static void release(txXPathNode* aNode);
> +    static nsresult getBaseURI(const txXPathNode& aNode, nsAString& aURI);

Please add MOZ_MUST_USE here.
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Also in this bug, I don't understand why to use ErrorResult, when nsresult is the normal way to propagate errors in Gecko, and ErrorResult is more like webidl layer thing.
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nsINode::GetBaseURI() should be fallible, r=smaug
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